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Peppermint Energy is dedicated to making easy-to-use portable power available to everyone – everywhere.

No longer are we all at the mercy of the grid for energy. From adventurers to business travelers, from tailgaters to humanitarian aid workers, from campsites in the U.S. to homes in sub-Sahara Africa, Peppermint Energy is making power personal.

The Forty2 Solar Generator

The Forty2 combines all the elements of an electrical grid into a small mobile unit. It’s a solar power generator that stores the energy – at home, or wherever else you may be. And it’s more than a kit or a dressed-up battery – the Forty2 is a true power supply that works even when the sun isn’t shining.

If you’re camping, climbing, hunting, fishing or for those who live in a high-brownout area, are susceptible to tornadoes or hurricanes, or for those who simply wish to be prepared for anything, the Forty2 from Peppermint Energy provides an efficient and reliable power generator solution.

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The Milo Solar Charger


The backseat of a car, a remote hiking path or 30,000 feet in the air – no place is a good place to loose access to your portable devices.

You rely on your phone as a calendar, access to the web, email, and to communicate with family and friends. It’s an extension of you. But without a charge, a world of information and access disappears.

That’s why Peppermint Energy developed the Milo, to ensure that wherever you go, you’ll never be too far from a convenient charging resource. It’s easy to use and through it’s multiple connectors and USB ports, it can charge phones, iPods®, cameras, gaming devices, even rechargeable batteries.

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