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Forty2 Specs
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Forty2 Solar Power Generator
Forty2 Specs

The Forty2




If you’ve got big power demands, we’ve got a big power answer. This all-in-one solar power system handles impressive solar charging, hefty energy generation, and sizable energy storage.


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Product Description

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Say Hello to the Forty2 – the world’s best Portable Solar Generator

An all-in-one solar generator, the heavy duty Forty2 combines solar charging, power storage, and wall outlet level power in an easy to use, portable unit. Consider it your unlimited range extension cord for your devices. Wherever you go, you’ll have the power. A gas-less generator. A solar generator. A life saver.


The Forty2 is more than ready to get the job done. In these videos, find out what the Forty2 can handle out there, including job site staples like work lights and drills. Get ready to get to work with these #CanTheForty2Power scenarios.


The Forty2 is perfect on the open road. In these videos, we put the Forty2 to the power test with a couple RV staples like a bug zapper and an RV lamp. See how long the Forty2 can power those and other RV favorites with these #CanTheForty2Power situations.


Checking out the big game? Why not take your Forty2 to the tailgating party? In these videos, we power favorites like a slow cooker and a mini fridge. Find out if the Forty2 is crowd-ready in these #CanTheForty2Power test runs.


Need extra power at home? Relax-the Forty2’s got you covered. All of these videos tackle power needs at home, from weed wackers to laptops and beyond. Here’s a handful of answers to your #CanTheForty2Power questions.


Forty2 in action

This is a very good product. It charges fast and can run an 80 inch TV and DVD player or game system for about 5 hours on a full charge. Haven’t tried it with the unit actively charging (open in the sun) but will update with that info. There is a tiny hum when powering my big screen that was not present on our other AV devices and it was unusable for my guitar amp because the hum was quite loud. This unit is super convenient but it is VERY HEAVY and not easy to handle. The addition of wheels and a pull out handle (think rolling suitcase) would be great improvements. My only real complaint is the tiny display. It is not easy to tell how much battery charge you have left and there is no readout of charging rate. Still overall, it does what it’s supposed to do, provide emergency or portable power without noise or fuel. I can’t say it’s a preppers “must have” but it sure is a “really nice to have” and if you can afford it, you should.

Rick Moore Amazon

I recently received my Forty2 Max and I could not be happier. The Forty2 batteries are lithium-ion, and will hold a charge for 3 – 6 months. depending of the temperature it is being stored. The colder the temperature, the harder it is to hold a charge. Peppermint Energy states that the lead time for a generator is 6 weeks, I got mine in 10 days! After doing a ton of research, this is the best off-grid solar generator I have found. Portable, built in solar panels, no messy wiring, just plug and play. This a must buy for all you preppers out there. Definitely 5 stars!

Gary Amazon

I’ve had a chance to see and use a Forty2 Pro up close. They effectively replace a small generator without the need for gas. It’s the perfect power source in an outdoor or survival situation. If the world were to end tomorrow and there was no PowerGrid, these things would be worth their weight in gold.

M. Paulson Amazon

Easy to Use

As a solo unit or tethered with other Forty2s, this solar generator packs a major power punch. And since it’s an all-in-one unit, you’ll experience incredible power without the need for separate solar panels or cords.   The Forty2’s clamshell design is incredibly easy to use. Simply plug in your devices and flip on the power switch. Then, when it’s time to recharge, just open the Titan towards the sun. It really is that simple.

forty2 solar generator


Gathering a sizable charge is easy thanks to two lightweight and yet incredibly durable solar panels.

Solar Generator Max Solar Charge Time to Fully Recharge Battery
Peppermint Forty2 Pro 180 watts 3 – 4 hours
Goal Zero Yeti 400 Kit 20 watts 40 – 80 hours
Aspect Solar Sunsocket 60 watts 5 – 9 hours

These 90 watt solar panels are made of Monocrystalline silicon, the most efficient solar panel material in the industry. Paired with the seamless clamshell design, these solar panels help make the the Forty2 the best choice for hefty portable power generation.
You also have the option of charging the Forty2 using the available wall charger (sold separately).


The Forty2 comes in three storage sizes: 500, 1,000, and 2,000 watt hours, which all rely upon a lightweight Lithium Ion battery, the same kind of battery that’s in your cell phone.
These batteries withstand the wear and tear the comes from multiple recharges over time. To put the amount of power those batteries can handle into perspective, see the chart below.    It compares run time to charge time on a number of everyday devices.

Forty2 Runtime Specifications


In the front of the Forty2, you’ll find two outlets. They provide the same amount of power that you’ll find in a North American wall outlet power* (110VAC, 50Hz). All told, those outlets are capable of delivering 900 watts of continuous power, or 1,800 watts during a 2-3 second surge.

From a single full charge, the Forty2 can charge small devices, like a laptop, many times over or power larger devices like a TV for hours. Through either of the two USB ports, the Forty2 can easily charge your phone or tablet just as fast as they would from your outlet at home.

* Universal outlets (220VAC, 60Hz) are also available.



There’s no need to lug around multiple units in order to have power. With the Forty2, one person can easily move the entire unit with either the built-in handle or the shoulder carry strap (sold separately). When you need to move again there’s no teardown – simply close the entire unit and move on to your next destination. 


The Forty2’s durable exterior is built to handle the bumps and bruises of travel and nature, making this unit ideal for remote or off-the grid locations. Throw it in the back of your pickup truck, leave it outside, or collect a charge and then pull it out when disaster strikes. It’s ready no matter what comes your way.


Type Monocrystalline Silicon
Collection Capacity (watts) 180
Attachment Built-in
Expandable No
Warranty 60 months
Battery Details
Lithium Ion
Storage (wHr) 500, 1000, 2000 (Pro, Pro+, Max)
Expandable Yes
Charge time via included solar
3hr, 6hr, 12hr (depending
on battery size)
Charge time via wall charger
3hr, 6hr, 12hr (depending
on battery size)
Warranty 12 months
USB Out Port
USB Outlets 2 – 5V/2.1A
AC Out Port
North American Outlets 2
Output Frequency Range 60 +/- 3Hz
Output Voltage Range 117 +/- 10%
Short Protected Yes
Overload Protected Yes
Continuous (watts) 900
Max (watts) 1800
Sine Wave Type Modified
DC Out Port
DC Out (V/A) 24V / 40A
Dimensions (Closed)
Length (in) 34.25
Width (in) 30.00
Height (in) 6.00
Weight (lbs) 57lb, 63lb, 75lb
(depending on battery size)


How long does it take to fully charge the Forty2 in full sunlight?

How long will a fully charged battery stay charged without use?

That depends on the battery size of your Forty2. A fully charged and powered off Forty2 will keep a sizable charge for a couple months.

How can I tell if the Forty2 will power my appliances?
Check out the detailed power specs of your appliance. If the wattage requirements are less than the power of your Forty2, then it will work just fine.
(Make sure to also check the appliances ‘peak’ wattage, as that also needs to be below 900 watts.)

Can my Forty2 get wet or dirty?

The Forty2 is made to be rugged and weather resistant. It is able to withstand the occasional rain or dust storm, as long as you dry it off immediately afterwards. But use your common sense-the Forty2 uses both solar generation and
electronics. You wouldn’t turn on any other electronic device after it had gotten wet or if your hands are wet, so don’t do that with the Forty2. And please don’t
throw it in a lake it will sink. And there’s no sun at the bottom of a lake.

Is the Forty2 eligible for any tax credits?

Yes! The Forty2 is eligible for a 30% federal tax credit through the REEP program. For more info on the credit, please check with your tax advisor.

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