30 Day Money Back Guarantee + 1 Year Warranty

Forty2 Portable Solar Generator

Revolutionizing how hundreds of millions of people access power, the Forty2 combines solar power, energy storage, and advanced electronics in an easy-to-use design. The Forty2 solar generator powers lighting, refrigeration and emergency equipment without setup, wires, gas, fumes, noise - no hassle.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee + 1 Year Warranty 

Designed and made in the USA. Patents: US 9,716,405 and US D796,430 

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Battery Capacity 500Wh, 22Ah (24V)  1000Wh, 44Ah (24V)

2000Wh, 88Ah (24V)

Performance Equivalent - small refrigerator runtime 3.5 hours 7.25 hours

14.5 hours

Solar Charge Time 3 hours 6 hours

9 hours

Weight 57 lbs (25.8 kg) 63 lbs (28.6 kg)

75 lbs (34.0 kg)