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We believe in speaking for those who can’t speak for themselves.

In early 2011, two very different but related thoughts came to our founder, Brian Gramm. A career start-up junkie, Brian couldn’t help but notice something wasn’t quite right with utility-scale renewable energy projects. And at the same time, why is a loud, smelly gas generator the only way to get power to a tailgate party?

With the concept of a portable solar generator firmly rooted, a small army of engineers were assembled to take the concept and make it real. Even with the light-hearted goal of powering a simple tailgate, a few guiding principles were established that are core to Peppermint’s products:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Portable solar power
  3. Technology agnostic
  4. Better value than the alternatives

With those guidelines in place, a CAD-model and working (albeit ugly) prototype was created. Then Brian lifted the curtain of his latest project to a handful of well respected leaders. And the response was unanimous, “Cool stuff. But you should take this out of tailgating and around the world to people who can’t ask for it themselves.” Time to think bigger about portable solar energy.

It is one thing to design a product for a tailgate or camping trip not far from home, it is another thing entirely for that same product to be used in the mountains of Haiti, desserts of Kenya, or the mountains of Nepal.

But the call was felt, and accepted.

Back to the CAD-models and prototypes.

In August of 2012, the Forty2 Solar generator was revealed via a not-well planned crowdfunding project. And within a couple of weeks, the forty2 as being featured in articles around the globe. Yes, it made us wonder what might have happened had we planned it even a little bit.

Designed and built in humble South Dakota, the Forty2 solar generator is making a positive change to peoples lives around the globe. Portable solar power is a life changer for many people.

It’s a good thing Brian decided to speak up for those who couldn’t.

Our Team

Brian Gramm


In 2011, our founder, Brian Gramm noticed that the world of renewable energy wasn’t doing enough. The world was moving faster and faster, and yet, many people were still reliant on grid energy or bulky generators.

A career start-up junkie who has spearheaded major consulting projects for Fortune 1000 companies, Brian decided to take this problem into his own hands. He looked to improve renewable energy both in the US and abroad to simpler, portable solar energy.

Brian wanted to help those who needed better energy but couldn’t speak up for themselves, and we hold true to his vision as we move the company forward with our team of experts.

Anna Hyronimus

Marketing and Operations

With previous experience working with several start-ups in a marketing and operational capacity, Anna wears many hats.  Following graduation from the University of South Dakota, Anna accepted a Fulbright to Mexico City to work with a tech start-up and started their online marketing efforts from the ground up.  Anna hopes to use her previous experiences to build on and marketing, operations, and customer service efforts here at Peppermint Energy.

Daren Davoux


Daren is a diverse engineer with experience in Photovoltaics, Software Development for the Landsat 7 Image Assessment System and as the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer with dx3 Studios. Daren is more than an ‘EE’ – he combines the electrical engineering background with product development and market positioning to bring practical ideas to our products.

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