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Portable Solar Generators

Power anytime, anywhere. Clean energy without setup, wires, gas, fumes, noise - no hassle. 

Forty2 Solar Generator


Emergency backup & Natural Disasters

When power is most needed, it could be gone for days. The sun is everywhere, offering energy for refrigeration, water pumping and treatment, phones, lights, and much more. Now you have the tool to harvest that energy, whenever and wherever you need it most.

RV / van camping

Its brief case design makes it easy to store. Place it in the sun and leave it harvesting energy while you are hiking or fishing. Plenty of energy at your return to enjoy the evening moving or readings.


Support your team or favorite band throughout the country and enjoy your own cooked food, cooling down your drinks, and going over the best moves on a TV having fun with your friends and family.

solar generator runtime chart

What can a Forty2 power and for how long

Forty2 solar generators are used around the world.

Forty2 solar generators power vaccine refrigeration and medical devices for the Koidu Hospital in Sierra Leone located in center of Ebola outbreak crisis.

Kenya warriors

Forty2 solar generators providing power to rural households in the Philippines.

Haiti Village

Global Health Clinic In Ghana

Forty2 used as sole source of power for isolated tribes in Papua New Guinea

How would you use a Forty2?

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