The average American spends up to ½ of every paycheck on some sort of house payment, which could mean working up to 15 years just to pay for a home. And roughly three-quarters of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Wouldn’t it be nice to be free from that? Imagine being free from a mortgage. Or cutting down on the possibility of living paycheck to paycheck. Sounds great, right? That’s what the motivator has been for those living the Tiny House Life.

Tiny houses are gaining momentum across the board as a route of escaping an overly-taxing life because this revolution is entirely about simplification. That meant cutting down on size, costs, wastefulness, and the pressure to keep up with the Joneses.

The average tiny house is less than 400 square feet. So even at its largest, a tiny house is less than one-sixth the size of the average American home. And tiny houses are completely personalized, because the design possibilities are limitless. Some look like small cottages, some look like a log cabin, some are mobile, some are stationed somewhere scenic (see some beautiful tiny homes here). The only unifying thought behind most tiny houses is to maximize your life by simplifying your living space.

If you’ve got a small living space, you’re free to focus on keeping your life moving. Less cleaning, less clutter, less upkeep. And less of an environmental footprint, because many tiny houses run off clean energy such as solar.

But don’t take just our word for it, hear from people who live the tiny life. And if you’re looking to get the ball rolling on your own tiny house, check out next steps here.


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