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Anna Hyronimus

Marketing and Operations

With previous experience working with several start-ups in a marketing and operational capacity, Anna wears many hats.  Following graduation from the University of South Dakota, Anna accepted a Fulbright to Mexico City to work with a tech start-up and started their online marketing efforts from the ground up.  Anna hopes to use her previous experiences to build on and marketing, operations, and customer service efforts here at Peppermint Energy.

Daren Davoux

guadagnare soldi con opzioni binarie Engineering

Daren is a diverse engineer with experience in Photovoltaics, Software Development for the Landsat 7 Image Assessment System and as the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer with dx3 Studios. Daren is more than an ‘EE’ – he combines the electrical engineering background with product development and market positioning to bring practical ideas to our products.

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